Menu Restaurant 2022


Loempia Semarang € 4,50

Spring roll filled with chicken and vegetables, 2 pieces.

Soto Ajam € 5,00

Indonesian chicken soup with bean sprouts, rice vermicelli and egg.

Samosa € 4,50 V
triangle, filled with vegetables and curry, 6 pieces.

Istana Mix € 7,00

A mix of different starters, 5 pieces.

Mini Loempia's  € 4,50 V

Spring roll with glass noodles and various vegetables , 3 pieces.

Pangsit  € 4,50 V

Dough package filled with minced chicken and shrimp, 4 pieces.

Mendol Tempé Kelapa  € 6,50 * V

Crispy balls of tempeh, grated coconut and soy mince, 3 pieces.


Served with homemade peanut sauce, soy sauce or hot madura sauce.

Satay Babi € 6,00

Pork satay.

Satay Gemoek € 6,50

Pork belly satay.

Satay Mix € 8,50

A taste of chicken, pork, tenderloin and goat satay, 6 pieces.

Satay Ayam € 6,00

Chicken satay from chicken thigh.

Satay Sapi € 7,00

Tenderloin satay, marinated with coriander and shallots.

Satay Tahoe € 4,50 V

Vegetarian satay of fried beancurd.

Satay Kambing € 8,00

Goat meat satay.

Satay Udang € 8,50

Gamba skewer from the grill (with peel) 3 pcs.

THAI FRESH SPECIALTIES  Dishes without rice )

Kai € 15,00

Chicken breast

Moe € 16,25

Pork tenderloin

Nua € 18,25

beef tenderloin

Tahoe € 14,00 V

A protein-rich alternative to meat

Pla € 18,00

Grilled cod fillet

Koong € 18,25


You can determine your own taste:


No pepper


Nam Man Hoi V

Oyster sauce with various vegetables

Makaam V

Light sweet and sour tamarind sauce

Pong Krarie V

Yellow curry with celery, whole milk and egg


1 pepper *



Roasted sweet sambal with macadamia nuts

Kratiam Prik Thai V

Sauce with garlic and 4 seasons pepper

Massaman Curry V

Red curry with potato and coconut milk

Panang Curry V

Red curry with ground peanuts, sweet basil and coconut milk


2 pepper * *


Choe Chie V

Red curry with small aubergines, fresh basil, coconut milk and bamboo strips

Prik Pauw

Roasted sambal with various vegetables

Tom Yam Heng

Sweet and sour lemon herb with tomato, and oyster mushrooms


3 pepper * * *


Kieuw Waan

Green curry with Thai basil, young eggplant, coconut milk


Spicy seasoned sauce of fresh pepper, soy sauce, basil and haricots verts

Phad Phed

Red curry but then slightly burnt in the wok, which gives a spicy aftertaste

SHARE DINING DISHES  ( Small dishes without rice )

Gado Gado € 8,50 V

Vegetables, egg, peanut sauce and crumbled cracker.

Tahoe Telor Tjampoer € 7,50 V

Omelet with soya bean paste and vegetables.

Babi Pangang € 11,50

Roasted pork chops with sweet and sour sauce.

Ayam Bakar jakarta € 6,50  

Feasoned chicken wings from the grill.

Goreng Tahoe Peteh € 9,00 V

Tofu with peteh beans in coconut sauce.

Ayam Istana € 9,50 *

Crispy chicken thighs with serundeng, lemongrass and sambal Istana.

Sambal Goreng Telor € 4,00 *

2 eggs in spicy sauce.

Ikan Boemboo Bali € 7,50 * * 

Mackerel in extra sharp fresh sweet Bali sauce.

Oerap € 8,00

Crispy vegetable dish with grated coconut.

Ayam / Vega Cashew  € 12,50 * V

Breaded chicken thighs / soy meat, cashew nuts and roasted sambal.

Tahoe Pong  € 7,00 V

Tofu from East Java with eggs and soy sauce.

Udang Peteh  € 6,50 *

Shrimp fried in sambal sauce with peteh beans.

Gulai Kambing € 15,50 * V

Lamb shank in a sauce of cinnamon, lime leaves, galangal and coconut milk.

Daging Pangang € 16,50 V

Grilled beef served on a hot plate

Ikan Bass Goreng € 12,50

Sea bass fillet topped with sweet and sour ginger sauce.

Garang Asam Ayam € 9,50  * *

Seasoned chicken thighs in coconut milk, nice sweet, sour and spicy taste.

Tahoe Kerrie € 8,50 * V

Tofu in red curry and coconut milk..

Sambal Goreng Boontjes € 5,50 * V

Peppered green beans.

Daging Semoer Djawa € 8,75 

Stewed beef in sweet soy sauce

Terung Blado € 8,50

Fried eggplant topped with spicy shrimp bumbu

Sayur Lodeh € 7,50 V

Soft boiled vegetable dish in coconut milk.

Cumi Cumi Madura € 9,50 * * *

Squid in hot sauce.

Daging rendang € 10,00 *

Beef stewed in spices and coconut milk. Vegan option possible.

Babi Ketjap Pedis € 10,00 *

Lean pork in soy sauce.

Ayam Woku  € 8,00 * *

Stewed spicy chicken with a hint of lemon

Ikan Asam Pedis 7,50 *

Crispy fish pieces served with slightly sweet and sour tamarind sauce

Ikan Pepesan € 8,50 * *

Smoked fish package

Tempeh Goreng Mendoan € 6,50 V

Soy cake in a crispy spiced jacket

Frikadel Jagung € 5,50 V

Crispy baked corn cookies

Bebek Asam Manis € 12,50

Crispy duck breast fillet with sweet tamarind sauce and vegetables

Udang Blado € 12,50

Stir-fried shrimp dish with various vegetables, red peppers, tomato and shallots

Roedjak Manis € 6,50

Indonesian fruit salad.


White rice with 2 kinds of meat dishes, vegetables, prawn crackers,
2 skewers of satay and an egg.

• Meat € 16,00

• Meat / Fish Mix € 16,50

• Fish € 17,00
• Vegetarian € 16,00 V

Rames Complete € 21,50

White rice, soto ayam soup, ayam curry waku,

babi ketjap pedis, 1 skewer of satay, gado gado, pisang goreng.

Rames Sayuran € 21,50

White rice, Sayur lodeh, vegetable rendang, bean curd cashew,

sambal beans, 1 stick tofu satay, sambal telor,

serundeng (shredded coconut)

Rames Indo Thai € 22,50

White rice, sambal beans, daging rendang,
chicken green curry, fish fillet macadamian,
1 skewer satay, sambal telor


Choice of: Nasi, noodles and an egg

Nasi / Bami Goreng Peteh  *

Chicken breast, peteh beans, basil and soy oyster sauce

Nasi / Bami Djawa Speciaal * *

Spicy seasoned with shrimp

Nasi / Bami Goreng Prik Pauw *

Roasted sambal, various vegetables, shrimp, squid and fish fillet

Nasi/Bami Goreng Sayuran V

Various vegetables and tofu satay


Nasi Putih  € 2,00 V

White rice.

Pisang Goreng € 3,50 V

ried bananas.

Seroendeng € 3,00 V

Grated coconut with peanuts.

Nasi / Bami Djawa € 4,00 * *

Spicy fried rice / noodles.

Nasi / Bami Goreng € 3,00 V

Fried rice / noodles

Lontong € 3,00 V

Cubes of sticky rice.

Nasi Kuning € 3,00 V

Yellow rice.

Emping € 3,00 V

rispy slices made from nuts.

Sambal Goreng Tempe € 3,00 V

Fried tempe.

Atjar Ketimoen € 3,00 V

Pickled cucumber.

Kroepoek € 3,00

Crispy chips from shrimp

Saus Kacang € 2,50 V

Homemade peanut sauce.

Sambal Goreng Kentang € 3,00 V 

Fried potato strings.

RICE TABLES (min 2 persons)

Choice of: white rice or yellow rice, long tongue, fried rice or noodles.

All rice tables include :Emping, prawn crackers, seroendeng, sambal goreng kentang and tempé

Meat menu € 31,50 pp

Daging Rendang *

Rich and tender beef stew in herbs and coconut milk.

Babi Ketjap Pedis *

Lean spicy pork in seasoned sweet and spicy sauce.

Satay Ayam

Chicken satay from chicken thigh.

Roedjak Manis

Fruit salad.

Sayur Lodeh V

Soft-cooked vegetables in light creamy coconut milk.

Ayam Woku * *

Braised spicy chicken with a touch of lemon.

Gado Gado V

Vegetables, egg, peanut sauce and crumbled cracker.

Pisang Goreng

Baked banana.

Ayam Cashew *

Breaded chicken thighs with sweet sambal.

Daging Semoer

Beef stew in sweet soy sauce.

Sambal Goreng Telor *
Egg is spicy sauce.

Atjar Ketimoen

Pickled cucumbers.

Fish & Meat menu € 34,50 pp

Daging Rendang *

Braised beef in spicy coconut sauce.

Ayam Cashew *
Breaded chicken thighs with sweet sambal.

Cumi Cumi Madura * * *
Squid in basil sauce.

Roedjak Manis

Fruit salad.

Ikan Boemboo Manis *

Crispy fish fillet is a fresh sweet sauce.

Saté Kambing
Goat meat satay. 

Udang Kerrie * *

Shrimp with red curry.

Pisang Goreng

Baked banana.

Gado Gado V

Vegetables, egg, peanut sauce and crumbled cracker.

Sambal Goreng Boontjes 

Peppered green beans.

Sambal Goreng Telor *
Egg is spicy sauce.

Atjar Ketimoen

Pickled cucumbers.

Vegetarian menu € 29,50 pp V

Tahoe Telor Tjampoer

Omelette with tofu and vegetables in soy sauce.

Vegan Rendang *

Jackfruit in herbs and coconut milk.

Sayur Goreng

Stir-fried vegetables.

Roedjak Manis

Fruit salad

Tahoe Kerrie

Tofu and vegetables in red curry and coconut milk.

Sayur Lodeh

Gently cooked vegetables in coconut milk.

Sambal Goreng Telor * 
Egg is spicy sauce.

Pisang Goreng

Baked banana.

Gado Gado

Mixed lettuce in Peanut Sauce.

Vega cashew

Soy meat with sweet sambal.

Sambal Goreng Boontjes

Peppered green beans.

Atjar Ketimoen

Pickled cucumbers.

Mildly seasoned  *  *  Strongly seasoned  * * *  Extra seasoned       Vegetarian possible